Mobile Studio’s proposal “Made in Macon, Homegrown in Tuskegee,” just won a technical assistance grant called Local Foods, Local Places from the White House Rural Council. The collaborative project will work with local partners of the Macon County Food Pantry to create a community kitchen & garden business incubator, and local fresh food truck system. Tuskegee was one of twenty-six communities selected to participate in the Local Foods, Local Places Initiative.

Local Foods, Local Places is a Federal Creative Economic Development Program funded jointly by the EPA, the USDA, The DOT, CDC, ARC and DRA. “Made in Macon, Homegrown in Tuskegee” uses the Mobile Studio methodology to foster meaningful dialogue and advance design solutions to develop an implementable plan for promoting local foods, enhancing the downtown Farmers Market and main streets, and extending access to healthy foods through civic infrastructure in Tuskegee, Alabama and the surrounding region.

Mobile Studio is honored and delighted to partner with Dr. Raymon Shange at Tuskegee University Carver Integrative Sustainability Center and Tony Haygood with the Tuskegee-Macon Community Development Corporation. Shange brings an expertise in sustainable soil and water systems, and directs student outreach organizations focused on food security and community gardens. Haygood and the CDC work with local contractors and businesses to connect professionals, students, and community members through on-the-ground project development and educational workshops. Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of this unique entrepreneurial collaboration focused on community food health and celebration.

Birmingham X Birmingham: Design Journey

This short film is a spark to ignite the Birmingham, Alabama/ Birmingham, England trans-Atlantic design exchange through Mobile Studio’s: Station to Station platform. These two cities share an intertwined history of industrial power, and manufacturing capability, as well as a commitment to renewing these traditions by design in the 21st century.

The film explores the role of creative industries in urban place making and regeneration. The goal is to connect community transformation projects and interested citizens with the universities and businesses that create a route for talent into work in our city and region, to create and enhance quality of life. This is a matter of expanding access, overturning barriers, inviting dialogue, and celebrating innovative achievements.

Design Week Birmingham of Alabama, meets Birmingham Made Me of the Midlands, UK,, and through collaboration and co-creation, aims to expand the network of participants and opportunities.


Dakota Dreamin’ is Live!

The Dakota is a new model neighborhood that will bring the best of Auburn’s local slow craft qualities together in a unique community setting. Featuring a riverside performing arts stage, native plant rescue nursery, harvest gardens, and wildcrafted galleries, the Dakota is a place you’ll want to stay past sunset.  Mobile Studio partnered with Developer and Custom Builder, Michael Murray, in fall 2013 to dream a bright future for the Dakota. Led by Professor Jocelyn Zanzot, Master of Landscape Architecture, students explored the potential of the Dakota as a sustainable and aesthetic neighborhood from the macro-scale of the 78-acre site within its urban context to the micro-scale of the home garden. The collaborations featured in this short film will be cultivated  and extended this spring as we build the first phases of this delightful neighborhood in north Auburn, between the city and the Saugahatchee!

Macon a Movable Feast: A Taste of the Ridge


The Ridge Interpretive Center is on the Old Federal Road in Warrior Stand, Alabama. It is a place of its people and its people are of the place. Since before the founding of the State of Alabama, the tiny community on Macon County Road 10 in the far south of the county has held onto its unique identity with pride and dignity. Beautiful rolling woodlands with abundant springs, Warrior Stand and its companion communities of Creek Stand and Boromville have seen the winds of history change from Creek (Muskgogean) to Federal encroachment for the benefit of white planters to some of the first black land owning farmers in the nation.DSC_0151

There is depth of conviction in Warrior Stand; conversation is serious and inclusive, gentle and revolutionary, rooted in the past and reaching for the future.

On September 20, 2013, Mobile Studio joined The Ridge Interpretive Center and about 50 of South Macon County’s citizens to celebrate the great food traditions of the area. With a vision of health and longevity, traditional recipes and new culinary creations were collaboratively prepared and consumed! The stories told and heard transferred the wealth of collective knowledge of two centuries of American life between generations.

“A Seed and the Sun are Powerful Things”—Willie Pace DSC_0138