Design Consultation and Project Management: from concept to construction and installation, Mobile Studio designs and builds delightful and sustainable public/private, indoor/outdoor places such as: community gardens and kitchens, education and nature centers, trailways and pavilions, performing arts centers, healing and regenerative landscapes, solar electric micro-neighborhoods and more. We work with communities for social and environmental justice to create greater community health and wellness. We work with ecologists, architects, contractors, biosystems + civil engineers, public and private agencies to create projects of enduring value and stewardship.

Community Planning and Urban Revitalization: from the neighborhood scale to the district, from metropolitan to regional plans and beyond, Mobile Studio brings a community-based approach to the production of implementable, action-oriented plans. We have experience working with diverse groups from small non-profits to inter-agency municipalities, and produce high quality documents with multi-media campaign strategies. To date we have developed strategic public art plans, integrated food systems plans, smart city transportation plans, and radical regenerative neighborhood plans. Where necessary, we work with specialists in historic preservation, environmental justice, real estate development, and other areas of urban regeneration.

CONTACT US: 334-329-4047     cropped-mobilestudiologo.jpg


Public Art and Installation: the Mobile Studio team brings years of experience in the strategic planning, design and craft, installation, maintenance, decommissioning, and funding of public art. We offer consultation regarding the fabrication, siting, physical construction, and care of public art pieces. We work with public artists, fine artists, graphic designers, and diverse media and sound to create provocative places and experiences.We coordinate with Public Art Commissions, and other city agencies to champion, commission, install, and sustain public art in urban and rural places.

Educational Programming and Events: As educators and educational program providers, Mobile Studio is qualified and proven in the production and delivery of arts + design educational and recreational programming. Up the scaffold of learning from elementary, to post-graduate to life-long learning programs, Mobile Studio specializes in design + arts + humanities in the public interest. We have published scholarly articles and peer-reviewed pedagogy with Universities from Richmond Virginia to Auburn Alabama to the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Organizational Development + Grant Writing: We can assist your non-profit organization in creating a meaningful organizational plan and pursuing relevant grants to fund desired growth and sustainable development. Mobile studio will work with your organization’s board to create a phased business plan that blends and braids funding streams to build your operational budget, strengthen network partnerships, enhance  the quality and reach of programs and grow funding opportunities based on data analysis and clarity of message.

CONTACT US: 334-329-4047     cropped-mobilestudiologo.jpg





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