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Mobile Studio is a design and planning office that delivers complex cultural projects, comprehensive regenerative plans and transformative built works. From concept to execution, Mobile Studio collaborates across multiple sectors, municipalities and public agencies in a process that includes deep research, design thinking, landscape architecture and engineering solutions of international artistic significance. Through engaged projects of public art, creative place-making, community gardens and shared kitchens, performing arts and cultural centers; we bring community places to life through co-creative processes.

Co-Directors Daniel Neil and Jocelyn Zanzot founded the studio in 2010 in Central Alabama to implement buildable projects and affect real time + policy change within the context of strategic regenerative action plans with urban + rural + migratory communities. Mobile Studio has offices in Montgomery, Alabama and San Francisco, CA and maintains international long-term academic partnerships and professional collaborations. In all of the work that we do, we aim to improve civic health and delight and empower and uplift our community partners by building capacity and honoring local knowledge systems.

Mobile Studio can deploy as a 10′ x 10′ community drawing box; prepared to pop-up in a field, beside a river, on the main corner of the main street of the westside. We bring maps and engage students and community members in processes of drawing /photography /videography and oral history of place. Prior to Covid we would often like cook veggie chili on the spot into the evening, during which the projections of the day’s collective visions illuminate the patchwork quilt of our night market and public gathering. Mobile Studio has developed a process of scaffolding these small hand-drawn neighborhood wishes into data-driven, evidence-based, ai/re tech- enhanced solutions for sustainable change.

To reach Mobile Studio please call or e-mail:

Co-Director, Daniel Neil: 334-329-8464, neildaniel070@gmail.com

Co-Director, Jocelyn Zanzot 334-329-4047, jezanzot@gmail.com


One Reply to “ABOUT”

  1. Hi!
    Love this so much. I met you at the opening of the show on Dothan, with Tim Kerr. I’m wondering if David and I could do sometting similar to this in Asheville or Baltimore…we are doing commumity arts together.

    So exciting.
    I’m going back to Dothan this weekend to do a workshop at the museum.
    Hope to run into you again sometime!

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