Macon a Movable Feast: A Taste of the Ridge


The Ridge Interpretive Center is on the Old Federal Road in Warrior Stand, Alabama. It is a place of its people and its people are of the place. Since before the founding of the State of Alabama, the tiny community on Macon County Road 10 in the far south of the county has held onto its unique identity with pride and dignity. Beautiful rolling woodlands with abundant springs, Warrior Stand and its companion communities of Creek Stand and Boromville have seen the winds of history change from Creek (Muskgogean) to Federal encroachment for the benefit of white planters to some of the first black land owning farmers in the nation.DSC_0151

There is depth of conviction in Warrior Stand; conversation is serious and inclusive, gentle and revolutionary, rooted in the past and reaching for the future.

On September 20, 2013, Mobile Studio joined The Ridge Interpretive Center and about 50 of South Macon County’s citizens to celebrate the great food traditions of the area. With a vision of health and longevity, traditional recipes and new culinary creations were collaboratively prepared and consumed! The stories told and heard transferred the wealth of collective knowledge of two centuries of American life between generations.

“A Seed and the Sun are Powerful Things”—Willie Pace DSC_0138

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