Community of Hope Brings Dr. Nancy Hardt’s Trauma-Informed Care and Resilience Building Workshop


The two-part workshop, held at Auburn University’s Student Center December 4th and 5th was grounded in the medical science and understanding of the role that childhood trauma plays in long-term health outcomes. Providing first hand data, Dr Hardt shared the results of University of Florida, Gainseville’s trauma informed care approach to the development of a Mobile Outreach Clinic. Combined with innovative policy measures in law enforcement and in collaboration with community resources centers, Dr. Hardt’s team significantly reduced child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and the number of children entering foster care system in four years. The mobile outreach clinic works with students, faculty, and community partners to deliver general health care in areas with the greatest need. The workshop taught childhood trauma assessment, techniques for managing stress, and pathways for building resilience in children, families and with the care providers themselves.
In attendance were leaders from Auburn University, City of Opelika Planning, Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services, Lee County DHR, and Tuskegee University.
Mobile Studio is serving as Project Managers for the City of Opelika Community of Health and has forged a historic partnership between Opelika, Auburn University Outreach, East Alabama Medical Center and Casey Family Programs. Dr. Johnny Green, Vice President for Outreach and Student Affairs is helping to replicate and advance Dr. Hardt’s model, bringing the Deans and Faculty leadership of the School of Nursing, the College of Liberal Arts and student organizations to the table. Together we will consider how we can advance this powerful model of outreach and care as we adjust it to our communities in Alabama.
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