DSC_0809A fabulous show in addition to being a provocative design review; the work stimulated conversations about life, landscape literacy, grassroots design/build, and hands-on learning. We explored the many potentials of schoolyards: playful to productive, meditative to magical, and the intention of constructing these landscapes with the communities of Notasulga, D.C. Wolfe and the Fews School in the future. Perhaps only the first in a system of co-operative extension design/build programs across the southeast, prototypes of this collaboration, like the Rosenwald Schools, could multiply across Alabama.  Many thanks to the excellent reviewers: Kevin Moore, David Hinson, Judd Langham, Jacqueline Margetts, Michael Robinson, Charlene LeBleu, Rod Barnett, and Birgit Kibelka from Birmingham for joining us for and sharing their thoughts. Please come next Saturday, 12-5 pm to Notasulga for the opening of the Re-Imagining Schoolgrounds: from roots to shoots Exhibition at the Shiloh Rosenwald School.

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