re-imagining school yards

This studio asks the question: what can a school yard be? We suggest that that this terrain is wide open for critique, inquiry and imagination. We will look carefully at the history, present and future of three specific schools in Macon and Montgomery Counties: Notasulga School, D.C. Wolfe in Shorter and the Fews School in Montgomery. They cross the spectrum of of educational models from Elementary, to K-12 to an alternative school for children with disciplinary issues. Each landscape presents specific conditions from which unique design proposals will arise, however; the work is situated within an international dialogue about the possibilities of such public grounds.

Notasulga School in Notasulga, AL

D.C. Wolfe in Shorter, AL

Fews School in Montgomery, AL

For midterm the students went out to field day to work with the students at their respective schools.

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Students from the re-imagining school yards presented their work at midterm reviews.

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